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Induction of Labour

At Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare, located in the prestigious areas of Belgravia and Dulwich, London, we offer expert care for mothers requiring induction of labour. Our experienced team provides a supportive and safe environment, ensuring the best outcomes for you and your baby.

What is Induction of Labour?

Induction of labour is a medical procedure used to stimulate the onset of labour before it begins naturally. It is typically considered when there are health benefits for the mother or the baby by delivering sooner rather than waiting for labour to start on its own.

Why Might You Need Labour Induction?

Labour induction may be recommended for various reasons, including:


  • Overdue pregnancy, typically beyond 41 weeks.
  • The waters have broken but labour hasn’t started naturally within 24-48 hours.
  • Concerns about the health of the mother, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • Indications that the baby may be at risk, such as restricted growth or reduced movements.
Private Maternity Hospital in London
Private Maternity Hospital in London

What to Expect During Induction of Labour

We ensure you understand every step of the process:


      • Preparation: Application of methods like medication to ripen the cervix or breaking of waters.
      • Inducing Labour: Depending on your situation, this might involve medication or a hormone drip to stimulate contractions.
      • Support Throughout Labour: Our team will support and guide you through every stage of induced labour, providing pain relief options and emotional support.